Sunday, August 8, 2010

Home Again, Home Again.....

I wish I was better and more prompt with this blog, with our newsletter, with thank you notes, with emails! There are so many differnt ways to communicate it is mind blowing!

We are back to Panama! Feels like home here. We were sad to say goodbye to friends and family but so grateful it was a rich summer full of seeing and catching up with so many people we love and love us!

We came home to quite the chaos. Our hot water heater busted and flooded our storage/laundry room, living and dining room 2 days before got home.

Thankfully nothing was ruined and it was soaked up before we walked in.

The blessing is we now have a gas heater which is installed outside and gives me more storage space! The frustrating part is we went almost a week wo hot water and we are still figuring out how it works and I am going to have get the floor fixed...the hole dates back to atleast 4 floors ago!

Our internet was blown out while we were in the states and we have been here 2 weeks without internet. We CANNOT get them to come out here, we have exhausted all options except stalking and dangleing money in front of the Cable and Wireless men, oh wait...I have done that all week and still CANNOT get them here! I am actually updating the blog from a phone! So excuse any of my grammer and spelling mistakes!

Our van was rented out this summer to a few missions groups and let's just say it was returned to us in less than steller shape which was super discouraging. The van belongs to the Lord, but we still want to be a good stewads of what we have and want others to do so as well! It continues to bless us and others as we have been loading in teachers since we made it home! I admit I enjoy driving a stick shift and a tanker van!

The new teachers and director for CCA are awesome! We have had a great start to the school year!

Friday nite we had a building dinner. Our building, full of teachers, came and grilled out at our place and stayed up late ringing in the "school" year!

Ro started school this week too. She is in K4! She was more than adorable on her first day. She had a sheepish grin on her face, half nervous but mostly eager! I asked her how was her first day of school...ever....and she replied, "fine!" I thoguht that started in middle school, not K4, I should have a few more details than this! I finally got some out of her and heard some from the teachers (the elementary PE coach said she was the leader in her class...yeah!)

Basketball season is upon us! Nathan is busy coordinating coaches, reserving gyms around the area and recruiting kiddos to play! We are really excited about the athletic program this year especially knowing a little more what to expect from kids, parents and the community!

I am going to be coaching the sub 18 and sub 15 girls. They have all been asking and making sure I was still gonna coach!

God has been good to us! We are full of blessings and full of gratitude! Essie and I are learning some verses since she has been paling around with me this week! She was repeating Psalm 103 w me and she could not have been more filled with the Spirit! She was raising her arms and raising her voice and uplifting my heart!

"Bless the LORD!!!"
Oooohhh My Soooouuulll!"
And let ALLLL that is within MEEE, BLESS His Holy NAAAMMME!"

(She kept going about 15 times through the verse!)

What a great verse for all of us who are in the throws of life, that we would bless the Lord with ALL that is within us. Psalm 103 is a precious Psalm reminding me of the satifaction that comes from being a child of the most High King, the Healer, the Reedemer, the Forgiver...the Renewer of my youth!

I hope you all find the time this week to Bless the Lord! It is so satisfying!

Abounded and Abounding in His Mercy,
Clare (for the crew)