Monday, September 17, 2012

Van Stolen...AGAIN!

Hello Friends, 

I feel like all I send are updates in a moment of crisis. I have written several that have never been sent that are not crisis related, I am too big of a perfectionist to send them unedited and perfectly stated...all of which the Lord is teaching me lots about as I am moving back in to an almost finished house and I who being a professional organizer should be able to finish this is I who cannot complete it, the task of being perfectly organized moving in with 5 children and a wealth of people in our lives. 

This wealth of people are coming around us today and we ask for you too as well. Our van was stolen this morning, in the night. This is the 2nd van we have had stolen from the same location. We have been stolen from 4 times in 3 years in Panama: 1 van window broken with cash and stuff stolen, 1 van stolen at Christmas 2010, one apartment broken into June of 2011 and now our van again. 

The van included our nice stroller for the twins and all the paraphernalia as well as the car seat bases. I do not remember what is in the glove compartment. We had an immobilizer on the van as we were told an alaram was not available for this style van as it is a basic set. (Just remembered Nathan's cool fishing net he got for Christmas was in there.)

Please pray with us today as we are not finished with the construction and weary of this and its expenses which are mounted and not yet all paid. Our other car we have been desperate to sell was next to the van unharmed (trade in for an 8 yr old Sequoia is set for tomorrow, yet worth more to us stolen than traded!)  Nathan and I both feel trampled on yet we know that the enemy wants nothing more than for us to feel so SO WE DECLARE VICTORY AS NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST US WILL REMAIN. 

Begging for yall to stand with us as we fight this battle today, the coming days and as you have in the past. (Yes we do have insurance, but it can be months to process, not to mention more expense.)

Pray for our children to not live in fear but fight with us too.

Conquer with us, 
Clare and Nathan Richardson