Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Few Pictures from the last couple of weeks!

We have had a crazy Fall...I am sure everyone has had equally crazy lives. Why do we ever think that it will be any different just because a season changes?

(The season doesn't actually change here, but we do like to put out a little orange, ok we have orange year round bc it is to me what red is to some of you, I like punches of it around my house! So we already have the orange going, but we have some fall smelling candles and were able to get our hands on a pumpkin too! So the weather may not be changing cooler (rainy to rainier and hot to hotter) but none the less it is Fall to us!)

We are working on our newsletter, soon to be ready to print and mail. It will give lots more info that we have failed to share with you and hopefully you will see how are roles here change back and forth lots leaving us little time in between!

Here are a few pictures from the last couple of weeks around here!

The 3 Amigos, as we call them, ready for Sunday afternoon community basketball pick up games with Daddy!

Some of the JV girls playing a little defense!

Silly picture with JV and Varsity girls!

More of my favorite people...Field saying "cheeeeeeese!"

These little guys frequent our backyard, "gato solos" (lone cat) they too have discovered the garbage cans and are taking advantage of the lack of garbage pick-up around here. They come in a family pack of about 12, some babies to. I am happy to watch them from the indoors!

Basketball Banquet getting started. It was the first annual BBall Banquet. Nathan and I were a great team putting it on with the help of lots of others making it happen. It was a great night!

The BBall Girls and Coaches all dressed up!

Sub 16 Boys Team. They have been busy playing in the National Tournament this week! Nathan is a game day coach for these guys!

Circled up at Nathan's request for Family Blessing before we devoured some amazing food!

The table Decorations!

Nathan does not thing this I should document that I made him wear a 25 year old sailor suit that was entirely to short for him. I thought he looked adorable, a little short, but adorable.
He wore it to church and got plenty of comments about him looking like a wrestler!

Field again being a mess. He loves a steering wheel. Makes us super nervous considering our van is a stick and he could kick the emergency brake easily!

One more to document a day in the life of Field Richardson.

We are grateful for all of you as you are each a blessing in our lives. Praying for all of us to see the blessings we each have even in the midst of our craziness!!!

Much Love,