Saturday, July 14, 2012

Away They Go!

We have made so many wonderful friends in Panama...something honestly we were not expecting! We have been blessed indeed with sweet fellowship in our community of Crossroads.

I was pretty sure that all missionaries had long un-tamed hair accompanying jumpers and the men in suspenders and pocket protectors. I certainly was blow away by real people loving the real Jesus....we are from all over the world from all different denominations but loved and loving the same JESUS!

We want to highlight some of the ministrys of our friends in Panama so yall can come to know them as we have!

The very first people who invited us anywhere upon our arrival in Panama was Jen and Andrew Edmonds. We went to the Summit Zoo with them our first Saturday in Panama. We were quite surprised by the zoo, it looks like they found an animal and put a fence around it! We have grown to love the zoo....and certainly the Edmonds!

We see the Edmonds almost every day in Panama. Jen and I work out every Tuesday Thursday with the Community Boot Camp Nathan started. She filled in taking care of the ins and outs while I was pregnant with the twins. She and I have spend every Friday morning together at Jungle School with our little ones playing while we visited. We are in community group as couples every Thursday night as well. Essie and their son Nat have been in class together this past year and their daughter Abi and Field are best buddies! Nathan and Andrew have spend plenty of time together on the basketball court every Sunday afternoon as well as being one of Nathan's right hand men coaching high school bball and some soccer too!

Andrew had been the Children's pastor at Crossroads Bible Church since before our arrival and the Lord is now calling them to Africa! Such a cool story of how it all happened...but we would love for you to read for yourself! Today's blog post from them is particularly funny knowing them so well! My how the Lord stretches us!

Thanks Jen and Andrew for living beyond yourselves, for allowing the Lord to guide your steps and thank you for loving us so well! Yall will certainly be missed! You have been such good friends to us!

Here is their blog: