Friday, June 4, 2010

Lady Eagles...#2!

Watching the CCA Boys play!

Cutting practice short to watch the boys play again!

A little half time speech....the refs really only gave me half my time to speak...but that is Panama for you. "Do whatever feels rt!"

The CCA Lady Eagles got 2nd place! The National Stadium was amazing. I have never played on a nicer field or a larger field. My girls played amazing. We dominated the game but could not set-up for goals where as the other team made every goal they set up. There is always next year. The 5-1 final score does not measure how well we played, its not that they played better, they just scored better!!!

I have had to ask for forgiveness to Nathan this year as I have coached Basketball and Soccer this year as I had no idea how important it is to de brief after a game. I never had to do this as a player, but as a do! All those years Nathan was coaching we would get in the car after a game and I could only handle about 5-10 mins tops of football talk. I wanted him to "Focus on me, Focus on me, Focus on me!!!" (famous quote from a Nancy Holcomb) I was the one sitting in the stands observing...the fans!

It has been a dream come true to coach and play with these girls. There are 17 if them. I am grateful that the Lord has given me a love for soccer and a love for high school girls. I wore my sunglasses after the game was over bc I didn't want them to know that I was just as sad as they were and I wanted to cry that we lost and because some of them would not be around next year. It was an honor to be a part of their lives. Pray that I continue to have opportunities to love, challenge and encourage them! They glorified the Lord through soccer this year and I have been blessed!

Nathan announced to me that despite having 2 girls he does not think he would ever be able to handle coaching the girls! It is not just about the game. It is the color of the jersey, the size of the jersey, the jersey fabric, the matching hair bows, the tapped ankles, the time of day, the potty breaks, what time they get out of class... What sounds like whining to a man is just commenting to a woman! He has been incredibly patient with all the CCA teams and his tolerance level for all of the above may be pushed down enough to start coaching girls when Ro and Essie are in college!!

Sorry for the small pics...
On our way to the National Stadium in the Busito!!
A pre game mini speech while half the team was searching for the bathroom!

Holding the trophy high!

Some of my biggest fans!

Some of my "leprechauns" as they like to call themselves being silly...all the tears had dried!

Missing a few girls!

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  1. So Proud of yall! That is really great. Counting down the days till we see yall!