Monday, October 3, 2011

Bloom 2011 Video

Crossroads Bible Church Women's Retreat Promo Video
Love this Women!!!
Bloom, 2011

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  1. Seating in my chair taking notes and writing down some verses, I decided to take a look at the internet and try to find something about "Bloom, beauty for ashes", then I found... The Richardson Ride". What a coincidence!
    I just came back from the retreat. I suscribed at the last moment, my daughter Isabella adamant into me attending. There was only one bed left and I had the feeling that this weekend was going to bring a lot of surprises to me. To be sincere... I was scared.
    I was not sure about what "Bloom, beauty for ashes" would do for me. Now I know.
    Nancy Holcomb is a truly amazing woman. She has opened me up to Jesus and literally made me bloom from his grace. His joy and love has filled every corner of my being, and this weekend I felt Him with us, guiding us through his word and filling us with His love.

    You ladies did a great job!!
    Thank you so much
    Marissa I. Purcell