Thursday, January 24, 2013

Junk for Sale

The other night we started back for the semester the men's group on Tuesday nights. We are continuing studying "Authentic Manhood" with part 2 of the 33 series. It has been great discussing and challenging other on the challenges and our call. I feel it has gotten a lot of the guys on a similar page of thinking and hopefully keeping each other accountable. This week, one of the points that jumped out to me, was that often when we meet together as Christians were are trading information not connecting. Sometimes I feel that we want to share more about are intellect and knowledge of the Bible rather than testifying to what God is doing or has done. The battle seems to continue to not put up appearances that we have it all together. We discussed how we really have the same "junk" and we struggle with it by ourselves instead of calling in God to heal us and want to praise Him for the changes made. I love getting to preach to myself! Please pray that as the group continues to grow with people form all sorts of backgrounds that it will grow more intimate. Pray that I can be transparent in my junk and be able to testify of His Work to these men, my students, and my own kids.

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