Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Off to Volcan they GO!

Pretty exciting week for Nathan!

Nathan has had all kinds of vision for CCA and most of it has come to fruition which keeps us dreaming which is certainly a fun place to be in.

One thing that has taken more time than we anticipated was having a missions trip for the CCA secondary kids to go on. This year it is happening and TOMORROW IS THE DAY!

Check out the blog the kids are doing in regards to the trip. It has been amazing to see who the Lord has brought together to make this happen.

I am particularly grateful for Miss B. She is the high school math teacher and she has major caught the fever for loving these kids well. She has been able to take some of Nathan's dreams and visions and make them happen. One being helping with Student Council (really taking the lead!) and the other being making this trip happen!

So here is the blog!

Junior/Senior Missions Trip 2014

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