Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Adventures of the First Week

We have been in Panama for a week now, and it has looked a little different than I had expected the first week to look, but it has been good just the same. I was hoping to have a productive week as we settled into Panama, but quickly found out that many things are just more complicated than they are back in the US. So drivers license, bank, and a few other things will have to wait. The school decided that the apartment that we are to be living in was long due an update. That was a real treat for Clare, so we spent Saturday picking out some tile for the floors and bathroom and she is working on picking out paint colors. We have been living next to our "cousins" and the girls have been spoiled by their cousin Ellie. She has been super sweet to the girls playing with them and getting them special treats to play with. I think she is having fun having the little sisters that she never had. We have been able to try some of the local fruit and a Panamanian version of "chicken noodle soup" that was very good. I played basketball for a couple hours with some guys and came back literally ringing wet from the humidity. We have been having afternoon thundershowers almost every afternoon. Clare and I both have been able to read a book in the week since we have been here. I finished "The Shack" and Clare read "The Noticer." We are going to trade so we can discuss the books with each other.

The other day I ventured into the city driving and got good and lost, but I found my way around and eventually made my way to the destination after a phone call. It was actually a lot of fun. I was by myself so I didn't have anyone telling me I was doing something wrong. Driving is very aggressive, and so far it has been kind of fun, but I haven't really been caught in a traffic jam yet. We have already made a trip to the doctor as Ro found herself with a cold type virus that caused her to throw up the other night. Needless to say a very long night. Clare is not enjoying the outside yet as she feels she is being attacked by mosquitoes, since she had 15 bites. I have hardly noticed them. We quickly realized that really not many people speak English at all, and so especially the first day I froze and I couldn't even say "No habla espanol" Right now I am pretty lost if I cant point at something or the conversation requires more than the Panamanian greeting of "Bueno." So I just try to smile a lot so even if I am making mistakes they can get a good laugh out of the silly gringo.

I am very anxious to get going with the school year. Basketball season starts up soon and so that will be taking up a lot of my time as I figure out coaches, players, teams, and schedule. I was able to hear the excitement of the people seeing the new basketball goals that we ordered for the school this summer. Tomorrow the welders are making me some ball racks to store some of the equipment as well as the lines on the asphalt getting a fresh coat. I hope to be able to start recruiting a number of the staff to help with the athletics. I want to meet my students and start establishing relationship with them. It all cant happen soon enough. I believe I am being taught patience, but we are very excited to be here even though right now it doesn't seem any where close to "home."

Colossians 1:13-14
"He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the Son of His love, in whom we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins."


  1. wow! i am praying for yall daily - tell clare hello for me and i miss hearing her voice. I know she will make yalls new house amazing and very in order! I am ready to skype!!! DYING TO SEE YALL. miss you like crazy.

  2. opps that last post was from me....Brooke Mabry fogot to sign my name hehehe

  3. I am so excited for y'all! It sounds like even in the midst of getting lost, bug bites, sickness, and no home yet, that y'all are exited and having fun! We miss y'all so much and I can't count the times where I've wanted to pick up the phone and call Clare, only to remember I can't yet. When is Skype coming?!? Please give everyone hugs for me and I can't wait to hear more!!!

  4. Am excited to hear you are out in the court showing your dominate defensive skills! Hope Ro is better, you will just have to tell Clare not to be so sweet and then the mosquitos will not be after her. We will be looking into plane tickets sooner than you think. Miss yall, but, am glad yall are doing what you are doing!

  5. Can yall post pictures on here? need to see what life is like, and see the faces of favorites nieces and nephew.

  6. loved reading the update!! sounds like life has been unpredictable but exciting!! :) miss yall like crazy and cant wait to skype/ichat soon!!! miss and love yall to pieces!!