Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"Hanging by a Limb"

A lone leafless tree with a blanket of snow beneath and a little bird perched on a branch.

This was the scene from our Christmas Card last year. Underneath the tree was three picture boxes, one box for each child. It had their full names and ages (I never sent anouncements, so was hoping this would make-up for my lacking!) Underneath all of this was the greeting:
"Peace Love and Joy"
"The Richardsons"

Because there was a little bird out on the limb what I really wanted to put instead of "Peace Love and Joy" was:
"Hanging by a Limb"
"The Richardsons"

The only reason why I didn't do it was because I was afraid that 2009 would be worse and the limb would brake, we would fall in the snow, the snow would turn to mud, we would have wounded wings or bent beaks. You get the picture!

I had NO IDEA what 2009 would hold when I sent off those beautiful 2008 Christmas Cards!

I will tell you that the branch did break off, right out from under us. The soft snow did turn to mud and maybe we did get wounded and bent, BUT...

We are back on the tree. It's just that we are on a different branch on the Tree of Life. The view is different. We are different.

I wouldn't change much about 2009. I am grateful for the great and mighty things the Lord has told me...that I never knew. (Jeremiah 33:3) That my Lord put wells of his Living Water in our wilderness. That He gave me more reasons to need Him and to be nearer to Him.

I hope that I learn more and need more and am nearer more to my Savior in 2010. I hope I don't have to fall of a branch and wallow in the snow and mud again...BUT...!!

In one breath I have great expectations for 2010 but also in another I have ZERO expectations, the kind of expectations where you have no agenda and are looking forward to seeing how the Lord shows up!!!

We wish you all a very Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

"Same Tree, Different Branch"
"The Richardsons"

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  1. Dear Nathan and Clare - what a great testimony to the keeping power of Almighty God. It has been such a privilege to watch God blessing you and your family in the midst of many difficulties. We are holding you close in our hearts...and rejoicing in all the good God is doing in and through you. Denise