Monday, January 25, 2010

New Wheels

Well it has been a great past month, filled with time of family and fellowship. We were blessed with support to be able to buy a 15 passenger Toyota van. It has already been put to a ton of use and has aged beyond its time. It started with backing into a truck and putting a nice dent in the back door. A very humbling mark of learning to drive a stick in Panama traffic. We were able to fill up the van with Grancy, Grampton, Uncle Drew, Aunt Ellie, and Uncle Sammy and show them the city of Panama, a beach, and the mountains of Panama. It was great being all together as we traveled. The kiddos were spoiled with attention, but it was a great time. We then had Bam-ma and Papa come down for a visit where we got to show off our new home as well. The kiddos were spoiled again and we had a great time. On our trip to the beach with Bam-ma and Papa we had the adventure of someone taking a rock to the passenger side of our new van to steal some cash and an ipod. Thankfully, no IDs or passports were stolen. In the next 24 hours we went to 7 different police stations trying to get a police report for insurance. The van even got dusted for fingerprints. Very quickly the van looked much older than the 3 weeks that it was. It was great as teachers that had gone home over the Christmas break started arriving back. The van has been put into full use with school starting back. There was a cheer from the faculty when it was announced that it was for the schools use for after school activities and field trips. It has already been transporting teachers in the morning (7 is the current record), running 8 students up to a field to do "CCA Fitness Club" (hopefully more in the near future.) It is going to be great for the school. Thank you everyone for your support and prayers. We could not be here in this "sphere of influence" without you. We pray for you to realize you have your own "sphere of influence" that God is calling you to minister to. It might be your kids, your neighbors, your clients at work, or the waitress where you grab lunch. Let us all show us how we love our Lord by loving those around us.

Here is a verse that the girls have been memorizing:
"Call to me and I will answer, I will tell you great and mighty things that you never knew." Jeremiah 33:3

How often am I searching for answers and I don't even ask the One that can tell me?


  1. Love that verse-Need to teach my girls it too- Wait need to teach me it!! You guys always have amazing verses- Do you gleam them straight from the Bible or are they brought to you through a Bible study/devotionals you guys do? Love you guys - Paige F

  2. what an amazing start to the new year! The Jackson,MS Richardson's CONTINUE to pray for you and your family as you are faithful there in Panama...and we'll hope for some quieter weeks! Denise