Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wise Words

Like most siblings, our girls are deep into arguing with each other. It is close to driving us crazy, why don't they just love each other? Could it be that they have our same sinful flesh?

Nathan sweetly cooked breakfast for us this morning and we decided it was time for a family pow-wow...especially after yesterday when they sprayed Lysol in each other's hair like hair spray. And in case you were wondering, I do not even own hairspray so they did not come up with this bc they were monkey seeing monkey doing! Women just know these things!

The apartment still smells like disinfectant!

Nathan led the pow-wow and I had to run get a paper and pen listening to them talk with their daddy. It was too funny.

He was teaching them some verses in Proverbs.

Quarreling. "A harsh word stirs up anger. You need to depart from evil and do good because God says it is foolish to quarrel."

Essie's interpretation: "A hard word stirs up wranger. You need to heart from d Bull and do God bc God says it is coolish to curl."

Peace Making. "A gentle answer turns away wrath. It is to your honor to avoid strife and to live at peace with everyone."

Essie's interpretation. "A gentle manser turns giraffe. It is your honor to enjoy Sprite and to live in peas with everyone."

Sweet girl has a little lisp!

I am happy to say they have been "doing art" sweetly at the table for almost 2 hours now!! They are enjoying some Sprite and living in Peas with each other!!


  1. I just read this out loud to Jackson and we are laughing!! My kids are not living in peas with each other either. :) I am glad to know you struggle, too. Let me know if you figure out what works. Whenever I eat peas, I will think of you guys. ha!!

  2. YES! I wanna live enjoy Sprite and live in peas, too! So fun - and so helpful to be reminded of God's truth. Much love to your family - can't wait to see you!!! Joy Richardson