Monday, May 6, 2013

Abby's Adventures

When we first visited Panama...we met Abby. I was confident she was going to be one of my favorite people!

The first year we were here I honestly didn't see her much but had a sweet time getting to know all the 650 crew. Abby was actually working on her masters, tutoring after school and like most people who have lived her for any amount of time busy with lots of stuff!

Thankfully with her masters wrapped up we finally got to spend some quality much loved time with Abby. Oh my how the Lord has used her to bless the heck out of us! Her spiritual gifts are enormous!

This past year she moved within the Crossroad's ministry as a teacher and took over the Children's Ministry. She has done a REMARKABLE job. Just this weekend there was a mini retreat for the little kiddos and my girls were able to spend the night and we found out that Abby kissed each one of the kids on the forehead before they went to bed and told them she loved them. The amazing thing is, is that she does love them...each one of them!

Abby has been in Panama for 7 years and her adventure here has come to an end. I felt it coming last year and sobbed at the mere thought of her not being here. Her very presence soothe's my soul. My children are the utmost safe and secure under her. I know she prays for us, I know she articulates her words and that they are from the Lord. I know her gifts and talents are vast. I knew I couldn't keep her forever.

I called her sometime in the last 3 months and told her she had the Richardson's blessing to go where the Lord leads...but selfishly I wished it was nowhere but Panama. I should have told her sooner, but as it turns out it was perfect timing for her. (You can read back in her blog about it!)

This is my ode to her and how very dear she is to me, my kids, our family. She would show up for hours and just hold babies or carpool big kids. She is an encourager. She is a friend and she will be missed. BUT now we have anther friend in Dallas. A friend who has made our lives richer.

Abby Spencer....The Richardsons love you. You have changed our lives.

Read here about her next adventure and how it is the Lord who determines our steps!

Abby's Next Adventure

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  1. Oh Clare, where do I begin? I bawled reading this, mostly because you are one of the dear ones it breaks my heart to leave. You are more than a friend, you are a treasured sister. I love you dearly and am beyond grateful for the ways you have encouraged my heart, been a listening ear, been a mutual venter, and lived genuinely! Thanks for sharing your babies with me. I love them dearly!