Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Few Pictures

This is after a little rain shower and some homemade popsickles. You can also see pink ice cream on their shirts from a morning adventure to the terminal to get blood work and fotos for our visa...we had to wait for the doctor for an hour and killed some time with some 90 cent ice cream at 10 am! One picture you can see the humidity in the air. Field is getting his 3rd and 4th tooth and is smiling big enough for you to see! He has learned to crawl in the last week and we bought him a walker...looks like it is from 1950...but it works and he LOVES it! JD, our cousin was our entertainment today! We are sad that our cousins will be starting school in two days...I am really sad! I will post some pictures tomorrow of how the apartment is coming!


  1. Love these pics Clare... and the writing! It has been so great to hear from you (and Nathan)via the blog. I am praying for your transition as you encounter all of this change. I know it must be SO much to take in. I can definitely see the humidity in the photo! Can I send you a care package from Sally Beauty Supply? :) Miss you SO much and can't wait to catch up via Skype!

    Love you!


  2. The pictures help so much to "see" where you are -hope you and Nathan are adjusting as well as the children are! Lovingly - Denise

  3. ok i am crying i miss you so much! field is toooooo cute! love ya girl
    Brooke Mabry

  4. Thank you Thank you. Our adorable "grands" Skype is great but it is also wonderful to just sit and enjoy their little faces. Can't wait to see the apartment progress too. Love to all, Bam-ma and Papa

  5. oh my goodness! the kids are getting so big! especially Field! I could eat him up!! :) it was SOOO good to hear your voice last night....made me miss you that much more! now that i have your new digits, I will be burning your computer up! :) love you tons! keep the posts coming! ps...what is your address??

  6. wow. Field is looking fat and happy! thats my boy.
    glad to hear the teeth are coming in smoothly. Ellie and i are on the couch just chillin. I drove past Burkitt Place today and it was a bit strange I will admit.
    We miss you really really really badly!
    love you.
    Drew and Ellie

  7. I LOVE seeing pictures!! I cannot believe how big and ADORABLE Field is!!! Aubrey and I were watching home movies today and it was from our very first Bible study Halloween. How we have grown!! I loved hearing your voice and think about you all the time!! I love you!