Thursday, August 20, 2009


CAR PURCHASED! Green Hyundai Terracon. Diesel. In Good Shape. Thrilled to Have Wheels.

10 Month Old Eats Toilet Paper...From Toilet...Toilet Was Backed-Up. Potty Paper. While Company Was Over. Child Smells Like Port A Potty.

Ro Askes Her Daddy Who She is Going to Marry...Pauses...."I Think Maybe You Daddy!"

Mother Can't Find Two Year Old After Checking On Her During Naptime. Mother Reading The Shack. Panic. 5 Minutes Searching. Two Year Old Found Asleep in Corner Between Wall and Dresser. Panic Diverted to Histerics. Laughter.

Dinner with Cottons. Dinner with Jordan and Lindsey. Dinner with Joel and Darby. Dinner with Cousins. Dinner with Cousins. Dinner with Matt and Misty. Dinner with Amy and Shelia.Dinner with Cousins. Dinner with 650. Dinner with Small Group. 3. Dinner with Cousins.

Clare Coaching Basketball. Grateful For Years of Practice Which Thought to be Unneccessary. Necessary. Hot. Need to Soak Aching Bones. Not 15 Anymore.

Nathan Coaching Sub 12 Boys. 20 Sub 12 Boys. Patience Necessary. Need to Saok Aching Bones. Not 15 Anymore. No Need For P90X.

3 Small Children take Cold Bath. Dinner From Microwave. Nathan Cold Shower. Clare Cold Shower. Forgot to order Tropi Gas.

Disposal. Dishwasher. Missing from Apartment. Better. Never There In the First Place. Seemingly Unnecessary.

Essie Colors on Wall.
Essie Colors on Ottoman.
Essie Tattoos Herself. Markers.
Essie Paints Herself. Lipstick. 5 Tubes. Destroyed. One Large Bathmat Rescued. Thankful for Tile.

Field Climbs Stairs. Field Rolls Down Stairs. Twice. Chairs Blocking. Now.

No Need f0r Dog. 10 Month Can Lick Floor from Fallen Food from Sisters...Never from the Mother.

Ready. Almost. Apartment. Tile. Paint. Clean-up.

Missed. Friends. Friends. Mom. Family. Paisley. Canonbury.

Missing 2 Year Old. Again. Found. Asleep Behind Couch Cushions.

Missing 2 Year Old. Again. Found. Asleep With Brother in Pack n Play.

Found. New Friends. Young and Our Age.

Books Read. The Shack. The Shack. The Noticer. The Noticer. Genesis. Exodus. Reading. The Land Between....

4 Weeks. No TV. No Target. Time to Read. Time to Talk. Time to Think. Time to Pray. Time to Spend with Others. Time to Prepare.

Marvi. Dan. Wife. Husband. Cousins. AMAZINGLY PATIENT. Giving Time. Giving. Impossible Without Either.

Stuff. Its Here. Somewhere. Pray for Favor. Customs Clearing.

Becky. Carla. Cary. Genesis. Stephanie. Avery. DD. Debra. Bella. Basketball Girls. Pray for More. Other Coach. Louis. Only Spanish.

Speaking Spanish. Not hearing Spanish. Pray for Ears that Hear. Pray for Mouth to Speak.

Homesick. This is Home. Need a Home. Soon.

Teachers. Instant Community. Awesome and Unique Community. Each Loves. Loves Children. Loves Panama. Loves Eachother. Hearts For Panama, Its People.

Joyful Learning. Preschool Co-op. Instant Friends. 2 2 Year Olds. 2 3 Year Olds. 2 Babies. Every Friday.

Support. Coming. Getting There. Pray for Wisdom. Pray for Diligence.

Still Parenting. Training up Children. Ours and Others. Coaching. Teaching.

Skype. Working Most Days. Spotty. Frustrating.

My Father. Issac's Father. Abrahams Father. Jacob's Father. He Still Is the "I AM." In Tennessee. In Panama. Never Changes Who my Father Is.

Stay Tuned. More To Come. I am Sure!

Each of You. Loved. Missed.


  1. just the flow of lists makes it more than obvious how busy and harried these last few weeks have been for you. Will be praying for added energy and resilience in the days ahead....missing you....loving you....oh so proud of you. Denise

  2. What an update! LOVE this! I laughed and smiled and also realized all that you have before you and how you are trusting Christ. We are praying....we miss you and love you!

  3. this is soooo funny! I miss yall so much! Welcome to having a boy - they are crazy and love eating nasty things. I went to Big Lots today and missed you so much. I am so glad to see pictures and still want to skpe.
    love ya

  4. awww....loved reading this! can just hear you now!! made me laugh and miss you more than ever! can we PLS skype soon?! baby will be here any day now...will be sure to sched an ichat with you as soon as she's here so you can meet your newest family member! LOVE YOU!

  5. Tears streaming down my face. laughter tears, missing you tears. Wondering if I'll just cry at the mention of ya'lls names for the rest of my life. I doubt it. too self-centered and so easily distracted to the next thing, thank the Lord for A.D.D. Going to use your blog tonight at a Girls nite out for Young Life Urban> Speaking on Whine, Women and Worship. Your blog is book stuff someday. My heart is in Panama.MOM

  6. What a fun blog...laughter and tears for all of you. Give Mr. Field some food so he doesn't have to eat from the toilet...too funny!! At least Essie is sleeping some..even if the places are strange. Thanks for the apt. pictures. Love seeing everyone and really miss everyone. Came by your exit on I-24 yesterday. Wanted to cut over and see YOU. Love you,Mom R

  7. One of the best blog posts ever. Seriously awesome. I feel like I am there when I read it.
    Cant wait to actually be there on a visit.
    Tell everyone Uncle Drew and Aunt Ellie miss them bad and squeeze them big time for us!

  8. Clare...please keep writing these! They are hilarious and wonderful, and they make me cry and laugh all at the same time. It reminds me of the column the guy writes in Marley and Me. Thank you for giving us little glimpses into your lives. We miss you badly and can't wait to see you guys. I second what Drew said....big hugs from us to you!

  9. I love It!!!! Wow, you have alot on your plate...
    Keep the blog entries coming they are GREAT. Praying often for all of you. In spite of all the craziness..... you have the look of contentment on your face in the picture with you and Nathan. God Bless You!
    lOVE, Jill

  10. Loved reading your blog with lots going on... Did Field really eat TP from the toilet? Abby's keeping us busy. She said to tell y'all "Hi." We are praying for you.
    The FInnells

  11. Clare and Nathan...Just got back in town and read your blog. We cannot believe how fast Field is growing!! Clare, don't tell Nathan but I think you might have the harder job! These are precious times, too. Buzz and I pray for all of you everyday.