Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Vallirosa...that would be the name of the Doctor we have visited now three times since our arrival in Panama. He is a kind man who thankfully speaks English quite well.
I may or may not have mentioned that Ro had been a bit under the weather. That would be an understatement at this point. She has run a fever many of the days we have been here, even if it has been low grade. She had a pretty good fever on Sunday and it has escalated this week to becoming a fever of 104.6 this afternoon. Dr. Vallirosa saw her for the third time and she has a pretty good double ear infection as well as a good cough and swelling around her eyes, due to the fluid infection.
She is a huge trooper, getting her blood work done last week and a shot today....not to mention that the antibiotics are not flavored.
I am asking that you join us in praying for the Lord to heal her little body that she would return to her normal self and not be in constant battle with her own body and every little sickness lingering for her to find. She is a nail bitter and I am sure that is of no help in fighting infection.
She has been a much better patient than I have been a nurse. There is only a computer for watching movies (there is one tv in the basement far far away from all other activity) and she has two other little creepers who want to be in the know of exactly what is going on with her! Tonight she was asking me to tell her a story about Jesus and then we found her singing later about how Jesus carried his own cross not just for her, but for "eeeevvvverrry oooonnee!" I wish I was that pleasant when I felt sick thanking him for dying for not only me, but for all. If I am thankful when I am not well, it is only a choice not a feeling!
We are so eager to have our comforts near and eager to be and feel some sense of settled! It comes with great news, it was much less than we anticipated. We found favor in some agents eyes, eyes we have not met! Praise the Lord for Panama following procedure!!
We are sad that our apartment in not but is almost ready. There is painting yet to be done and plumbing to be installed. We are hopeful to be in there within the week. This is hard for my type A personality to let go of some of the not so straight lines and the chunky grout lines. On the other hand I am beyond grateful for the people and the school that have afforded us the beauty of new floors, new bathrooms and many other things that will help in making Panama home...silly little things that are a big deal to me!

So here is a breakdown:
Praising the Lord for Favor from Customs
Praising the Lord that our Stuff is only hours away
Praising the Lord that Tylenol is in Panama
Prayer for Ro's body to heal and fight!
Prayer for the rest of us to remain healthy...we are all dragging a bit
Prayer for the remainder of the work left on the apartment will #1 move quicly #2 not present too much more of a mess #3 not send me (Clare) to the moon bc its not how I would do it, but don't have the time or the money....(i do know i am not perfect!)
Ro and the rest of the kiddos would be unaffected by the fact that we are scurrying to get into our apartment and are having to leave them more than we wish esp when sick...leaving our hearts behind.

There is so much more to wishing I was sitting in Brentwood Children's Clinic today!


  1. Praying and praising and wishing I could be there to bring you all a meal (or two, or three). Please give Ro Ro a hug from Amelia. Love!

  2. Hi dear ones. Ro, Grancy and Grampton have been praying for you to get better soon. We miss you so much and can't wait to see you. Drew and Ellie played with their band here in memphis tonight and we all talked about you and Essie and field and how much we miss you and your mom and dad, too. We love you so. Grancy

  3. Nathan and Clare - your updates are SO helpful in knowing a piece of what's happening and how to be praying. What an encouragement you have been to those trying to encourage you! Much love from this 'cuz'! Joy :)

  4. poor little Ro...and poor Clare!!! you are all in our prayers and we miss you!! I drove by your old house the other day and it made me miss you and realize again how far away you are!! But, I remind myself that you are where you are supposed to be and how proud I am of you!!! I love you and cannot wait to see you...Christmas? love, Mandy