Monday, August 31, 2009

A Heavy Heart

Sweet Friends.
I have much to share about what is going on here in Panama which I may do later today.
My heart is heavy for my sweet friend who loves so well and never seems to be weary in loving not just her six children but all God's children.
She left TN before we left for Panama. She was heading to CA to pick up her sixth baby, Wylie. She and her husband have adopted 4 of their six.
It is week nine and they are still processing papers in CA for Wylie. She is there with her younger kiddos waiting...patiently.
Please pray for Heather and Scott for the time in CA to end so they may return home with Wylie soon. For Favor in the courts, for health for their other children and strength and continued patience.
I had not know Scott and Heather long (and sadly wish I could know them better) before I knew that these were two people who loved each other, loved their children, loved those around them and most importantly they love the Lord and are unafraid of it oozing from them.
Please pray with me for them today.
Their blog is

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  1. Thanks friend! I thought I was done crying tonight! I just posted about my heavy heart and then I see that you blessed us w/ a post w/ the same title! Thanks! I have a really bad head ache right now from crying! I have not been able to walk upstairs to our girls room! I don't want to seee her bed empty! I have been so blessed these past 10 weeks but also so persecuted! I have hope that we will get a call and that we will be able to fly out and bring her home with in this month! Our social worker in CA has done nothing to get this palcement moving! She must be hurting deep down inside from something! I wish we had more time with you as well! I just looked through our mail and saw your letter! I can't wait to read it and see how Scott and our family can support you guys! I look forward to an update frind! Thanks again for your love , support and prayers! We have felt them!- Heather