Monday, August 10, 2009

A Zoo

The National Bird of Panama! Quite a threat from what we understand!
This was the only paved road in the zoo. The rest of the walk/stroll was off roading. It took me back to my high school days! Thankfully it had not yet rained for the day and only required minimal hosing off of the shoes and strollers.
I wish I could remember the names of all the animals. These were like small hippos with anteater faces. Interesting animals in Panama!
Just a random picture from my day...a zoo in and off itself! I am not sure whose day is longer...Nathan in the heat with teenagers playing games all day...or mine, inside with toddlers playing "games" all day? Its up for a vote!
The monkeys were begging for food at the zoo!
This was a rare moment. Ro taking it in how close she was. I asked her to turn around and take a picutre. She said, "No thank you, Its too close!" Most definitely I agree!
We are looking over the ledge at the small alligator charging our way! He just is loose in the zoo! are a few other animals!

New friends and cousins! We were so excited to have an invite to the zoo. It cost us big money for 2 adults and 5 kids...$2.25....bets the Nashville Zoo any day!


  1. I've seen those hippo looking animals at the Atlanta zoo but don't remember their names. I guess Bam-ma and Papa can spring for a time at the zoo when we come...great price!! Gracious goodness...I hope Essie was washable. Hang in there, Clare. Love ya'll

  2. Clare...Your children are precious. I love the pic of Essie. I'm sure things are crazy as you try to adjust. Thanks for keeping up with us via our blog. It is one day at time as feeding two every 3 hours is very consuming! I finally got to go to church this past Sunday and I found myself looking for you. I so enjoyed our time together in the bible study. I'm not going to do the study this fall b/c the boys can't go to the nursery until the new year. Praying for you...debra